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Federal Government

A large federal agency that provides statistical data to both the public and private sectors was looking for a solution to consolidate their IT tools to enhance user experience and reduce operational spending.

Our Objective:

Develop and demonstrate a pilot for agency stakeholders and business users to showcase the ServiceNow platform's value and capabilities to create a single source of truth that enables collaboration across teams, enhances user experience, and reduces overall IT spend.

Our Challenges:

Integrate the work of program managers with different mission focus operating in silos

Overcome the homegrown tools that have popped up across the organization

Overcome the data ownership, who owns what, while maintaining their dominance

Overcome the fear of "New Technology Learning Curve"

Our Execution:

Understand, Analyze, Recommend, and Demonstrate.

Team SYSUSA worked with senior leadership across multiple program offices to understand their business needs and desired outcomes to help them adopt the platform.

We interviewed the stakeholders to understand the current tools, technologies, and business processes.

We mapped the current processes and business requirements to the ServiceNow capabilities.

We developed use cases based on scenarios that impacted their programs.

We developed demos using sanitized data to demonstrate platform capabilities.

We obtained stakeholder feedback and made necessary changes to the pilot.

We showcased the pilot to senior leadership.

End Result

We created a pilot that demonstrated the platform value to the leadership while helping individual stakeholders realize the importance of consolidation and centralization. 

The solutions helped the program leads realize the impact it could have on their work and how it could enable them to do more with less. 

A single source of truth for all IT and related activities.

Customer visibility to his/her information with real-time status.

Management ability to gain a holistic view of the enterprise with dashboards and reports.

Built on best practices to enhance service efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

Local Government

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced shutdowns across local, state, and federal governments, a new challenge surfaced inside IT Departments: How do we extend the service desk beyond our traditional IT boundaries? A local government needed to expand its service desk beyond its intranet and make it accessible to employees across the county, without a VPN.

Our Objective:

Implement a cloud-based system accessible to all employees via web or mobile devices for service requests while enabling senior leadership to have real-time visibility into the incident requests, facilitate team collaboration, enhance the user experience, and reduce overall IT spend. Additionally, we were tasked with centralizing requests (purchases, training, etc.), change management, and creating a service portal that could become a one-stop-shop for IT services to all employees.

Our Challenges:

Homegrown tools were doing everything, including things that they were not designed for

Lack of processes; all things followed the same process

People were working in silos with a very different understandings than others

Lack of clean data or understanding of best practices

Our Advantages:

Leadership with a clear vision of the future and project expectations.

Our Execution:

Understand, Analyze, Recommend, and Demonstrate.

Team SYSUSA worked with senior leadership and the team leads to understand their individual business needs and desired outcomes.

We conducted workshops to define and document best practices while educating the process owners of the ServiceNow approach and capabilities in enabling them.

We interviewed stakeholders to understand their mission and objectives for this project.

We conducted breakout sessions to go over each application area, define the processes, and create templates.

We mapped their current processes to ServiceNow capabilities.

We reviewed all changes and best practice recommendations with leadership and stakeholders to solicit their feedback.

We created a solution that exceeded client expectations and is transforming the organization.

We always invest time and effort to learn about our clients' current operating environment, architecture, tools, processes, user roles, and responsibilities. Upon understanding the organization's maturity level, we invested significant time and effort in helping the client understand and differentiate between various processes that were tied up together. Once decoupled, we worked with each stakeholder and leadership to create a new path to success with measurable results. We worked with individual stakeholders in the breakout session to help understand ServiceNow's capabilities and how those can enhance their daily operations. We focused on the needs of individuals, teams, and the program to ensure mission success.

End Result

We were able to bring the whole team together and create solutions that made everyone's work easier while providing leadership with a real-time dashboard to measure operationa; efficiencies and customer satisfaction. We created a centralized service desk system to  support end users that included:

Accessibility from anywhere and ease of use

Service visibility, predictability, and customer satisfaction

Single sign-on enabled with their current directory system

Single source of truth for all incidents, changes, requests, etc.

A centralized service portal for all IT needs for over 5,000 users

Embedded best practices into their daily processes for service efficiencies

Our Certifications

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Imran Siddique, CISSP

Grant Thornton LLP

I had the privilege to work with Muneer [SYSUSA's founder and CEO] on several IT security and compliance-related projects. Muneer is a hard-working individual with a sense of responsibility, ownership, and on-time delivery. 
He is well-organized, an excellent communicator, and most of all well-trained and certified in his area of expertise.




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